Dragon Hoard NFT's

Although beneficial and "wise", a dragon is nothing without his treasure ... greedy and keeping a huge hoard. Buying a Dragon Hoard NFT allows you to access several benefits. Despite the fact that each dragon is a unique piece of art, you are joining the Usagi Panzer army!

Awesome thing is that benefits and opportunities will increase in time and your dragon being your buddy, you will take advantage of it. The Usagi Panzer brand is growing and evolving as time goes by. You never know what the future holds, but if that army is legion, you may be able to use your NFT's in future Usagi Panzer projects.

Available on
November 17
Presale November 14-16


The price will be 0.005 ETH for the first three days of launch, after that the price will go up to 0.01 ETH. Every new drop the price will increase. This will be the best opportunity to grab a mint! Presale links and dates will be announced here and on our social medias.
  • 250 Piece collection
  • Each dragon is 1/1 unique and has different traits
  • Three day presale at launch at 0.005 ETH
  • Initial drop of 20 Dragons at 0.01 ETH
  • The price increases each drop
  • New drops when the previous one is sold out
  • Each drop new type(s) of dragons are included
  • Each drop there will be a giveaway where you can win a Dragon
  • Each drop there is a chance a dragon guards an egg. A dragon egg in your collection, could hatch rare dragons.
  • Each buyer has a chance to gain an Usagi Panzer token

Usagi Panzer Token

Each first buyer will be gifted an Usagi Panzer token. For now the token does nothing, but the idea is to use that to get discounts in future collections or trades. This token could also be obtained as a giveaway by friends who support me.

Created by

Nice to meet you! My name is Dennis. It's really quite simple. My life time dream is being a game developer. Tried a lot of different stuff for years as Switching Brains Game Development and designed the Usagi Panzer brand along the way. Created games for Amiga, Web (Flash and WebGL), Windows, Android and blockchain. Discovering NFT opened new doors for me. I love drawing and this is looking like a perfect way to get attention and funding to build my Usagi Panzer brand.


What is a Non-fungible token? (NFT)

Think of digital Pokémon or Baseball cards. When someone buys an NFT from the creator, they obtain ownership in the sense that it becomes their property. After all, an NFT is a digital certificate of ownership representing the purchase of a digital asset, traceable on the blockchain. You can buy, sell trade and do other things with them.

What is a NFT Wallet?

NFT wallets are digital wallets that help your store NFT's and cryptocurrencies in one place. The wallets help you in receiving additional assets alongside purchasing things with the assets in your ownership. The main wallet used for NFT's is known as MetaMask.

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is a marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens. It includes collectibles, gaming items, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain.


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